Fuzzy Prime Ideals of ADL's

Ch. Santhi Sundar Raj, Natnael Teshale Amare, Uppasetti Madana Swamy


In this paper the concept of prime L-fuzzy ideals and L-fuzzy prime ideals of an ADL A with truth values in a complete lattice L satisfying the infinite meet distributive law are introduced. All prime L-fuzzy ideals of a given ADL A are determined by establishing a one-to- one correspondence between prime L-fuzzy ideals of an ADL A and the pairs (P;a), where P is a prime ideal of A and a is a prime element in L. Also, here minimal prime L-fuzzy ideals and L-fuzzy minimal prime ideals of an ADL A are introduced and characterized.


Almost Distributive Lattice (ADL); Prime L-fuzzy ideal; L-fuzzy prime ideal; Minimal prime L-fuzzy ideal; L-fuzzy minimal prime ideal; Complete Lattice

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12962/j24775401.v4i2.3187


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