Nano-Zagreb Index and Multiplicative Nano-Zagreb Index of Some Graph Operations

Akbar Jahanbani, Hajar Shooshtary


Let G be a graph with vertex set V(G) and edge set E(G). The Nano-Zagreb and multiplicative Nano-Zagreb indices of G are NZ(G) = \prod_{uv \in E(G)} (d^2(u) - d^2(v)) and N*Z(G) = \prod_{uv \in E(G)} (d^2(u) - d^2(v)), respectively, where d(v) is the degree of the vertex v. In this paper, we define two types of Zagreb indices based on degrees of vertices. Also the Nano-Zagreb index and multiplicative Nano-Zagreb index of the Cartesian product, symmetric difference, composition and disjunction of graphs are computed.


Graph operations‎; ‎Nano-Zagreb index‎; ‎Multiplicative‎ ‎Nano-Zagreb index‎; ‎Zagreb index‎

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