Vol 1, No 3 (2017)

Table of Contents


Design of 100 MW LNG Floating Barge Power Plant PDF
I Made Ariana, Hari Prastowo, Aldio Paruna
Modelling of LPG Ship Distribution in Western of Indonesia using Discrete Simulation Method PDF
Trika Pitana, Saut Gurning, Fauzan Fikri
Slurry Ice as a Cooling System on 30 GT Fishing Vessel PDF
Alam Baheramsyah, Beni Cahyono, Fransiskus Suganda Aruan
Experimental Study of Thermoelectric Generator as Electrical Source of Impressed Current Cathodic Protection for Ship Hull PDF
Adi Kurniawan, Sutopo Purwono Fitri, Muhammad Fajrul Rahman
Development of Power Management System for Electric Power Generation in Tanker Ship Based on Simulation PDF
Indra Ranu Kusuma, Raynaldi Pratama
Design and Simulation of Automatic Ballast System on Catamaran Ship Based on Programmable Logic Control PDF
Indra Ranu Kusuma
Sloshing Simulation of Three Types Tank Ship on Pitching and Heaving Motion PDF
Edi Jadmiko, Yoga Adhi Pratama
Techno-economic Analysis of Rotor Flettner in Container Ship 4000DWT PDF
Agoes Santoso, Muhammad Badrus Zaman, Arrijal Yudha Prawira
Efficiency Analysis of Additions of Ice Flake in Cargo Hold Cooling System of Fishing Vessel PDF
Amiadji Amiadji, Edi Jadmiko, Yosef Novian Prasetyo
Design of Catamaran Propulsion System with Demihull Distance Variation on Hospital Ship PDF
Amiadji Amiadji, Agoes Santoso, Bondan Sabastian
Performance and NOx Investigation on Diesel Engine using Cold EGR Spiral Tube: A Review PDF
Semin Semin, Adhi Iswantoro, Fatekhun Faris

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