Effects of Rudder Position on the Ship Maneuvering

Wisnu Wardhana, Imam Rochani, Benedictus J Belalawe


The performance of the rudder on a ship affects the ability of the vessel to maneuver effectively. In the current study evaluation is made on the rudder mounted on a twin screw fast boat with LOA of 59.2 m and Vs of 28 knots. This paper discusses the forces acting on the rudder and the velocity distribution of the fluid flow due to the position of the rudder in 3 variations (X/L = 80%, X/L = 100%, X/L = 120%). The analysis undertaken in this study is based on CFD method. Analysis of the effectiveness of the mane­uvers is performed by considering the magnitudes of the drag force and value of the lift force generated by the rudder, as well as a decrease in the fluid velocity u on the rudder area. On the variation of X/L = 120% with rudder angle 35°, the rudder produces a the largest value of total drag force and lift force, in the order of each 761 kN and 1,230 kN. The decrease of fluid velocity u most significan­tly also occurs in variation X/L = 120%, with a value of 10.0 m/s on the portside rudder and 9.3 m/s on the starboard rudder.


CFD; drag force; fluid velocity; maneuvering; lift force; rudder

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12962/j2580-0914.v1i1.2870


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