proceeding series

No 6 (2019)

The 1st International Conference on Global Development (ICODEV)

Table of Contents


Table of Contents PDF
Hermanto Hermanto i
Hermanto Hermanto iii
Proceeding Series ICODEV 2019
Hermanto Hermanto
Teaching about the Spirit of Trust on Someone Who has Perception of Anomic Suicide: As a Solution to Generate Transcendental Trust on Personality PDF
Syamsul Alam 1-3
The Relationship between Job Satisfaction, Organizational Commitment and Leader-Member Exchange on Turnover Intention (Case Study in Head Office Employee of PT. WG) PDF
Budi Wijaya, Bustanul Arifin Noer 4-7
Food Insecurity: Does It Push Married Women to Participate in Labor Force? PDF
Ririn Kuncaraning Sari, Dwy Bagus Cahyono 8-15
The Development Study of Madura Area (An Area Marketing Approach) PDF
Muchammad Nurif, Hermanto Hermanto 16-21
The Development of Smart Hospital Masterplan for Teaching Hospital PDF
Ariani Dwi Wulandari, Almira Filiazsanti, Khakim Ghozali, I Ketut Eddy Purnama 22-26
Sustainable Livelihoods through Community Empowerment in Bumiaji, Batu City, East Java PDF
Setiyo Yuli Handono, Yeni Puspita 27-30
Social Capital in Community Development at Prone Disaster Area: A Lesson Learnt at Sempu Village, Nglancar, Kediri, East Java, Indonesia PDF
Windiani Windiani, Arfan Fahmi, Zainul Muhibbin 31-37
Industrial Labor Social Movement against the Issue of Neoliberalism (Case Study on the Movement and View of Trade Unions in Indonesia on the Global Issue of Neoliberalism) PDF
Yudhi Rachman, Bangun Sentosa DH 38-43
Capability of Farmers Adaptation towards Natural Resources Vulnerability in Wajak, Malang PDF
Medea Rahmadhani Utomo, Kliwon Hidayat, Setyo Yuli Handono 44-47
Geopolitics of Portugal in Atlantic Sea PDF
Maulana Reza Adhitama 48-52
Comparison of Kernel Support Vector Machine (SVM) in Classification of Human Development Index (HDI) PDF
Harun Al Azies, Dea Trishnanti, Elvira Mustikawati P.H 53-57
Having a Job Is Not Enough to Escape Poverty: Case of Indonesian Working Poors PDF
Financy Ramadhani, Fajar Santoso Putra 58-64
Education for Environmental Sustainability: A Green School Development PDF
Adi Suryani, Soedarso Soedarso, Mohammad Saifulloh, Zainul Muhibbin, Wahyuddin Wahyuddin, Tony Hanoraga, Muhammad Nurif, Umi Trisyanti, Lienggar Rahadiantino, Deti Rahmawati 65-72
Adapting in Digital Era of Globalized Agro-food System and Delivery of UN SDGs 1 and 2: Agriculture Extension in Small-scale Red Onion (Shallot) Horticulture Area in Highland Solok District, Indonesia PDF
Helmi Helmi, Nala Sari Tanjung, Lucy Natami Figna, Virra Putri Silviana 73-77
ITS Community Service Program as A Medium to Empower Community in Facing the Era of Industrial Revolution 4.0 PDF
Hermanto Hermanto 78-83
Homesick and Migration Effect PDF
Lienggar Rahadiantino, Banu Prasetya 84-87
Community Adaptive Capacity of Changes in The Social-Ecological System of Sub Das Amprong In The Village of GubukKlakah, Malang PDF
Kliwon Hidayat, Mas Ayu Ambayoen, Medea Rahmadhani Utomo 88-92

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