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No 3 (2017)

8th International Conference on Architecture Research and Design 2016

Table of Contents


Aesthetic Evaluation of Restaurants Facade Through Public Preferences and Computational Aesthetic Approach PDF
Herry Santosa, Nur Fauziah
Defining Distinctiveness Aspect of Place Identity in Urban Heritage Tourism PDF
Nurlisa Ginting, Julaihi Wahid
A comparative study on spatial configuration of human settlements in Riparian Area (Case studies : Old Kampoong and Colonial Settlements in Palembang PDF
Johannes Adiyanto, M. Fajri Romdhoni, Hendi Warlika
The visual character of colonial housing in Palembang Case study: Colonial housing settlement of Talang Semut in Palembang PDF
Muhammad Fajri Romdhoni, Hendi Warlika Sedoputra
Appearance of unplanned settlement as a reality in Medan City and surrounding area PDF
Beny OY Marpaung
The low cost apartment for wheelchair user PDF
Gunawan Tanuwidjaja, Jocelin Marchelina, Valerie Layni Y, Joyie Joyie, Arina Hayati
Adaptive reuse of heritage building and the impact to the visual comfort: Assessed by the lighting quality PDF
Rani Prihatmanti, Maria Yohana Susan
The effect of opening on building envelope toward daylight performance in Betang House at Central Borneo PDF
Eka Susanti, Desak Putu Damayanti, Sri Nastiti N. Ekasiwi, Ima Defiana
Sustainable design of past-rural architecture in the present urban-tropical environment PDF
FX Teddy Badai Samodra
Safety assessment of moso bamboo column under fire by using bamboo as protection layer PDF
Laila Fitriana, Mengting Tsai
Survey on household energy consumption of public apartments in Bandung City, Indonesia PDF
Usep Surahman, Johar Maknun, Erna Krisnanto
Occupancy based architecture A case of traditional Savunese House in East Nusa Tenggara Province PDF
Desak Putu Damayanti, I Ketut Suwantara, I Gusti Ngurah Antaryama, Ima Defiana
Evaluation on green concept of high-rise building design and its architectural feasibility PDF
Johanes Krisdianto, FX Teddy Badai Samodra, Mudji Irmawan
Vernacular buildings as tourism asset in Eastern Indonesia PDF
Titien Saraswati
A Japan compact bus terminal; Review on Hakata bus terminal, Fukuoka PDF
Khosyiatillah Hakim, Bart Julien Dewancker, Usep Surahman
From present to the past: The different way of thinking about conservation (A case from design idea for Siola Building, Surabaya) PDF
Defry Agatha Ardianta, Bambang Soemardiono, Tiara Kartika Rini
The study of geometric forms, proportion and scale of heritage buildings due to architectural theory PDF
Eva Evita Chatharina Josephine
Adaptation | A Reflection on Contemporary Chinese Architecture (In four case-studies) PDF
Bert Hugo Raf De Muynck
Park and ride city terminal, Antapani Bandung PDF
Inggrid Julianti Dewi, Usep Surahman
The creative hawker center for small - family - business in traditional food of Surabaya PDF
Gunawan Tanuwidjaja, Daniel Daniel, Ishak Tedjo, Ritzky Karina Brahmana
The role of infill building in the sustainable conservation Casestudy : Surabaya downtown PDF
Bambang Soemardiono, Defry Agatha Ardianta
Off the grid!, (N)either roof (N) or floor PDF
E. Y. Prasetyo, D. L. Putra, D. Apriargo
Ethics after theory PDF
CHAN Kok Hui, Jeffrey Jeffrey
Public Open Space as Urban Architecture: Design and Public Life PDF
Achmad Delianur Nasution, Wahyuni Zahrah
Transformation of gated community in the last three decades in Medan City, Indonesia PDF
Dwira Nirfalini Aulia, Beny OY Marpaung
Sustainable fisherman settlement development PDF
Ainun Nurin Sharvina, Muhammad Faqih, Happy Ratna Santosa
Identifying Great Street in Bandung as Part of Bandung Technopolis Concept: a Perception-Based Approach PDF
Dessy Syarlianti
Patterns and uses of mezzanine of low cost apartments in Surabaya PDF
Rika Kisnarini
Preliminary study towards eco-design of housing in coastal settlements in Surabaya (Case study of fishermen housing design after the development of Kenjeran Bridge, Surabaya) PDF
Dewi Septanti, Rika Kisnarini, Purwanita Setijanti, Ayi Syaeful Bahri, Wahyu Setyawana
Type simple house walled CEB which efficient heat energy and embodied energy in Indonesia PDF
Vincentius Totok Noerwasito
A planning model for creative industry zone-producer of clothes used as cultural tourism product Case study in the area of Tuan Kentang 15 Ulu Palembang PDF
Primadella Primadella
Assignment integration in order to achieve the successful studio-based education (An Idea Implementation of Integrated Architecture Experiential Learning) PDF
Yaseri D. Apritasari, Doni Fireza

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