Gleny Gleny, William Tjong


The purpose of this research is to investigate the impact from the strategies that used by investors in Indonesia, such as value, size and momentum strategy. Sample data is a monthly data of 100 non-financial individual stocks which fulfill the requirement, from July 2006 – December 2010 and use 12 months holding period. This research also use ARCH method to test heteroscedasticity and VIF method to test multicolinearity. The outcome form this research is value strategy based on book to market ratio, size strategy based on market capitalization and momentum strategy based on past six months price are not significant in Indonesia. This can be happened because of the depreciation in Indonesia currency and crisis years. In addition, Indonesia is one of emerging market in Asia, so that some of the information must be difficult and make imperfect market.


Book to Market, Market Capital, Momentum, Regresi Berganda.

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