The Call for Papers is announced for peer review papers. We invite you to submit a manuscript for Geoid ; Journal of Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering. There is no deadline date for subsmission. The accepted manuscript will be published close to the date of journal's publication either on February or on August. Before you begin to submit your manuscript you will need to have the following items ready:

  • Manuscript will be reviewed by reviewers with the criteria of originality, significance, quality, and accuracy. Editorial board authorized to accept, reject, or suggest the authors to improve manuscripts. Please feel free to submit the manuscript on any topic related to the specific topics of Geoid Journal.
  • The names, email addresses and affiliations of all contributing authors.
  • The full title of the paper as you would like it to appear in the Geoid Journal.
  • Language, manuscripts should be written in Indonesia or English.
  • The equality, the main body of the paper should be numbered in consecutive order as (1) Background, (2) Method of Research, (3) Result and Discussion, (4) Conclusions. All pages should be numbered consecutively not less than 4 pages and not more than 20 pages. Tables and Figure  should be titled and numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals and placed on separate sheets at the end of the manuscript.
  • References, A numbered list of references must be provided at the end of the paper. The list should be arranged in the order of citation in text, not in alphabetical order. List only one reference per reference number. Each reference number should be enclosed by square brackets. In text, citations of references may be given simply as “(Scarpa, 1996)”, Sample correct formats for various types of references are as follows. Please use citation tool, such as Zotero, Endnote, or Mendeley, to help you manage your references.  

Scarpa, R. and R.I Tilling, 1996. Monitoring and Mitigation of Volcano Hazards. Berlin: Springer Verlag, 841.

J. U. Duncombe, “Infrared navigation—Part I: An assessment of feasibility,” IEEE Trans. Electron Devices, vol.ED-11, pp. 34–39, Jan. 1959.

Papers Presented at Conferences (unpublished):
D. Ebehard and E. Voges, “Digital single sideband detection for interferometric sensors,” presented at the 2nd Int.Conf. Optical Fiber Sensors, Stuttgart, Germany, 1984.

G. Brandli and M. Dick, “Alternating current fed power supply,” U.S. Patent 4 084 217, Nov. 4, 1978.

Technical Reports:
E. E. Reber, R. L. Mitchell, and C. J. Carter, “Oxygen  absorption in the Earth’s atmosphere,” Aerospace Corp.Los Angeles, CA, Tech. Rep. TR-0200 (4230-46)-3, Nov.1968.

Bethel, DJ, 1990. Digital Image Processing in Photogrammetry. Photogrammetric Record Vol 13 No 76 Oktober 1990: 493-504

Amhar F, 1997. A Contribution to Geometrically Correct Digital Orthophoto under Consideration of General 3D Object and its Realization in a Software Package. PhD- Thesis, Vienna University of Technology.

Burtch, Robert. “A Short History of Photogrammetry”. 1997. (5 Dec. 1997).


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Correspondence of delivered manuscript needs to mention title, name of composer, and date of delivery of manuscript, but we encourage author to send it by email.


Author Fee

Author whose paper is accepted for publication in Geoid, Journal of Geodesy and Geomatics is subjected to pay 400,000 IDR for Indonesian author and for overseas author is charged for 60 USD per article up to 15 pages.


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Printed journal will be charged 125,000 IDR (domestic) & 30 USD (overseas) and color page(s) will be charged 300,000 IDR (domestic) and 45 USD (overseas)

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