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Investigasi Pengaruh Jarak Celah Sinapsis dan Pengaruhnya pada Signaling menggunakan Metode Monte Carlo

Author(s): Eklesias Donesi Andresta, Nur Aji Wibowo, dan Adita Sutresno*

Abstract: Neurons in the human brain are interconnected and influence each other. Signal integration in the brain is determined by the size and the fast synapses response kinetics. This research aims to study the effect of synaptic cleft distance on signaling through a diffusion process using the Monte Carlo Cell simulation program. This research is important to investigate the diffusion process in the body related to the effect of diffusion on signaling if the cleft, area, and concentration are varied. MCell is a probabilistic simulation in which a solution to a problem is given based on the probability calculation process. This study uses modeling 3 spherical compartments representing pre-synapses, post-synapses, and neurons as the outer boundary of synapses and as a cleft between pre-synapses and post-synapses. The simulation results showed that the effect of change in the cleft distance on molecular distribution was 98,86%. The narrower size of the cleft distance causes faster molecular distribution. The broader the receptor area (6; 12; 18; 24) causes the molecules to be distributed to increase ((1661; 2173; 2249; 2264)moles). An increase in the amount of concentration ((2000; 4000; 6000; 8000)moles) also makes the diffusion rate faster ((1380; 2806.25; 4203.75; 5565)moles/s). The faster the diffusion rate indicates that the signaling process is getting faster.

 Rancangan Percobaan Termometer Inframerah: Kalibrasi dan Keunggulan Pemanfaatannya

Author: Sutrisnawati Mehora

Abstract:  Measuring the temperature of objects using an infrared thermometer is still rarely done, previously infrared thermometers are used to measure human body temperature. The purpose of this study was to determine how the use and benefits of infrared thermometers for body temperature measurements. The steps taken are infrared thermometers fired at objects with different extents from wall objects and aluminum plates (4 5) cm2, then measurements of water with a temperature of 30C and 60C, using an infrared thermometer and an alcohol thermometer. Next, measurements of 1D objects (iron and aluminum), and 2D objects by measuring the temperature exposure at 50 and 300 seconds. The results obtained for the average value of distance to temperature in aluminum are smaller than in the wall, while the average value of the angle to temperature in aluminum is greater than in the wall. The measurement results of 1D objects showed the thermal conductivity values of the two metals with a value for aluminum greater than iron. Based on this research it can be concluded that the reading of the infrared thermometer is influenced by the distance, angle and time used when firing an infrared sensor at the object.

 Analisis PGA (Peak Ground Acceleration) Pulau Lombok menggunakan Metode Pendekatan Empiris

Author(s): Baiq Nora Kusumawardani, Lalu A. Didik, dan Bahtiar

Abstract: Lombok Island is located between two large plates namely the Asian plate and the Australian plate so that Lombok Island is very prone to earthquake shocks and land shifts. Factors that influence the maximum land acceleration are geological conditions and characteristics of the region. This study aims to analyze the value of maximum soil acceleration using the empirical formula Donovan, Mc. Guirre, and M. V. Mickey on Lombok
Island. The data used are secondary data from the Lombok earthquake from July to September 2018 and analyzed using the formulations of Donovan, Guirre, and Mickey. The results of the analysis showed that the highest maximum ground acceleration value of 0.11191 gal occurred in the area of North Lombok, and the area of North Lombok was included in the category of severely damaged. The smallest maximum land acceleration
value occurred in Central Lombok with a large 0.03441 gal and included in the very light category. Of the three formulations, which approaches the maximum land acceleration value based on the Shakemap map, is the Guirre formula.

 Kajian Validasi Data Global Satellite Mapping of Precipitation (GSMaP) di Bengkulu

Author(s): Nasyithah Az-Zahra Lubis, Diana Cahaya Siregar, Abdi Jihad, dan Tuti Herawati

Abstract: The rainfall observation data is hard then we need other options to obtain the data which is easier and more accurate. One of the methods to obtain rainfall data is using remote sensing. GSMaP is one of the products produces by remote sensing which is able to obtain rainfall data using satellite. The aim of this study is to validate the rainfall data using GSMaP to the rainfall observation data in Bengkulu for 2012-2015. The method
used is processing GSMaP data into monthly data then comparing it with in situ data. In addition, there are processing data with a statistical test. Based on the results, the correlation between GSMaP data and observation data is in the range of 0.4 to 0.89. It shows that GSMaP data is quite valid to be used to fill incomplete rainfall data in Bengkulu, but it has not been able to interpret value close to under forecast data.

Aplikasi Radar Cuaca untuk Identifikasi Fluktuasi Kondisi Cuaca Ekstrim (Studi Kasus Banjir di Kota Medan, Tanggal 05 Oktober 2018)

Author(s):Budi Prasetyo, Nikita Pusparini, Irwandi, dan Welly Fitria

Abstract: Weather radar (Radio Detection and Ranging) can be used as a means of detecting, analyzing, and predicting weather conditions. In the study discussed the analysis of changes in weather conditions in the event of flooding in Medan City on October 5, 2018. Enterprise Electronics Corporation (EEC) weather radar data for 24 hours starting pk. 07.00 WIB, 5 to 6 October 2018 was used in this study. Data were obtained from the Center for Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Region I in volumetric (.vol) format and has an interval of 10 minutes. The method used is a descriptive analysis of derivative products processed using Enterprise Doppler Graphic Environment (EDGE) software in the form of Column Maximum (CMAX), moments of horizontal intensity, moments of average rainfall, and Vertical Integrated Reflectivity (VIR), and bulk charts rain (RHG). The results showed that the fluctuations in weather conditions that occurred were very high. In general, highintensity rainfall that occurs is divided into three periods, namely rain from afternoon to evening (14.00 - 15.50 WIB), evening (18.20 - 19.40 WIB), and night (21.10 - 23.40 WIB). The highest fluctuation occurred in the first period with the highest increase in rainfall occurring in Medan Helvetia District; the second period occurred in Medan Kota District, and the third period occurred in Medan Johor District.

 Perbandingan Pengaruh Redaman Gilbert dan Ketebalan Bahan terhadap Perubahan Dinamika Magnetisasi pada Nanodot Pt/MnSb dan CoFeAl

Author(s): Ivana Helga Iriani, Andreas Setiawan, dan Nur Aji Wibowo

Abstract: This study presents a comparison of Gilbert damping and nanodot thickness impact on the magnetization dynamics of Pt/MnSb and CoFeAl by solving the Landau-Lifshift Gilbert equation using Micromagnetic Simulator. The magnetic parameters used in this study represent the characteristics of Pt/MnSb and CoFeAl with the variation ofGilbert damping 0.4-0.9. The materials were modeled as a block with a surface size 50 50 nm2 and 5-100 nm of thickness variation. The simulation scheme used was Reduced Barrier Writing in which the sample was conditioned at room temperature of 298 K while induced with an external magnetic field which increased from 0 to 2 Tesla for 2.5 ns. The results showed that both, Pt/MnSb and CoFeAl, have good thermal stability for chosen Gilbert damping values and thickness variations (j > 60 kBT). The increase of Gilbertdamping magnifies the nucleation field of both materials. The nucleation field increases at 5-35 nm of thickness, however, decreases at 40-100 nm. The strengthening of Gilbert damping magnifies the coercive field values of CoFeAl and reduces for Pt/MnSb. Meanwhile, thicken the materials causes an increase of the coercive field at 5-35 nm of thickness and decreases at 40-100 nm. The magnetization rate of both materials getting faster by the strengthened of Gilbert damping value and slower by thickness increment.

 Pembuatan Paduan Tembaga sebagai Bahan Baku Uang Logam

Author(s): Eddy A. Basuki, Khaidir Said

Abstract:  Commonly, bronze is used as jewellery, medals and coins, because of their good appearance and hardness level. Indonesia has been using aluminium bronze to make coin. Especially for coins, the problem is that the premier blank materials to produce the coins are still imported from overseas and this makes higher production cost. In fact, Indonesia has a very large potential to supply premier materials to produce these alloys. The materials used in this research, such as copper, tin and aluminium are Indonesia its own. Twelve various alloys were prepared by casting in various compositions. Physical and mechanical tests were performed to obtain the properties of the alloys, such as hardness, density, micro structure, particles size, and reflectivity. These properties were then compared with that of previous Rp.500,- coins. It was found that Sn concentrated in martensitic phase while Al partitioned in the phase. However, impurity of Fe reduced precipitate particles size. Moreover, it was confirmed that involment of tin in the alloy shift phase stability area to the left and increased the phase stability area. The experimental results indicated that there are four alloys compositions which had better properties compared than that the previous Rp. 500,- coin alloys.


 Rancang Bangun Alat Kardiografi Berbasis Impedansi Listrik

Author(s):Fajar Timur dan Endarko

Abstract:  Electrocardiography is a method to be able to know and record cardiac activity by observing electrical voltage charts every time. The method can be used is to measure the self-potential of the heart organ and can also be done by the electrical impedance method. In this study, a cardiographic device based on electrical impedance was designed. The method used is to use 4 electrodes attached to the neck and around the diaphragm, and an electric current with a certain value and frequency is then injected on a pair of electrodes and the voltage will be measured on another pair of electrodes. the process of testing the instrument is carried out on subjects in good health, in a sitting and upright position. Impedance data is measured and recorded every time, and data will be processed to determine the impedance graph Z and the first derivative of Z. The number of heartbeats is calculated each time unit by a manual method with the help of a stopwatch to compare the equality of heart rate readings from the device impedance cardiography. Based on research, it is known that an electrical impedance-based electrographic device that has been made can be used to illustrate heart rate graphs as a result of cardiovascular activity.


 Desain Efisiensi Energi Penggunaan Lampu di lantai 5 Perpustakaan ITS

Author(s):Suyatno, Maslahah, dan Susilo Indrawati

Abstract:  Penelitian ini dilakukan untuk mengetahui besar dan kemerataan nilai kuat pencahayaan di ruang baca Perpustakaan ITS Surabaya lantai 5 dengan melakukan pengukuran dan simulasi menggunakan software DIALux 4.13 untuk kondisi existing dan perbaikan. Nilai kuat pencahayaan minimal yang dianjurkan pada ruang perpustakaan adalah 300 lux. Pengukuran kuat pencahayaan dilakukan menggunakan luxmeter pada 31 titik dengan ketinggian 1 meter di atas bidang kerja. Pada kondisi eksisting, jumlah lampu yang dipakai adalah 112 lampu Philips tipe 1xTL-D36W/54-765 dengan daya sebesar 43 Watt dan menghasilkan fluks luminus sebesar 2500 lumen, 19 lampu 2xTL-D36W/54-765 dengan flux luminus 5000 lumen berdaya 85 Watt, dan 6 buah lampu Philips RS061B 1xLED tipe 5-36-/830 berdaya 6 Watt dengan fluks luminus 480 lumen. Berdasarkan hasil pengukuran kondisi existing diperoleh nilai kuat pencahayaan rata-rata 90,27 lux. Nilai ini menunjukkan bahwa kuat pencayahaan di perpustakaan belum memenuhi standart untuk ruang baca. Sedangkan untuk keseragamannya sebesar 0,48 di bawah standart yang seharusnya yaitu 0,6. Sementara penggunaan listrim memerlukan daya total sebesar 6467 Watt. Pada simulasi perbaikan, digunakan lampu TL philips LL 121X 1xLED45S/840 O 4200 lumen sebanyak 129 lampu berdaya 32 Watt. Berdasarkan hasil simulasi didapatkan hasil kuat pencahayaanrata-rata sebesar 344 lux dan kemerataannya 0,62. Penggunaan jenis lampu LED ini juga mampu menurunkan penggunaan daya dari kondisi awal 6467 watt menjadi 4164 watt, atau 36% lebih efisien dibandingkan dengan kondisi awal.


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