The International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Sciences

The International journal of mechanical engineering and sciences (JMES) is an international, an open access, and a peer review journal for publication of original work on broad spectrum of mechanical engineering.  JMES publishes original research articles, reviews, and letters to the editor. Topics covered by JMES include energy conversion (wind, turbine, and power plant), mechanical structure and design (solid mechanics, machine design), manufacturing ( welding, industrial robotics, metal forming), advanced materials (composites, nanotube, metal foam, ceramics, polymer), metallurgy (corrosion, non-destructive testing, heat treatment, metal casting), heat transfer, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, mechatronics and controls, advanced energy storage and devices (fuel cell, electric vehicle, battery), numerical modelling (FEM, BEM). 


Vol 2, No 1 (2018)

Table of Contents


Design and Prototyping of LPG Mixer Using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) PDF
Rinson Sitanggang 1-8
Analysis of Scale Deposit in the Geothermal Power Plant PDF
Afifah Harmayanti, Suwarno Suwarno 9-12
Characterization of Natural Convection over an Elliptical Tubes Array AR 2.5 and PR 1.25 inside a Thermally Asymmetric Cavity of Various Clearance Ratio PDF
Stefanus Widhipratama, Budi Utomo Kukuh Widodo 13-17
Experimental Study on Effect of Injection Pressure to Spray Characteristics, Performance and Emissions of DieselEngine DI 20 C Using Biodiesel Fuel PDF
Alham A.K. Mahanggi, Bambang Sudarmanta, Hary Soebagyo 18-25
Technical Study of the Performance of Liquid Sulfur Combustion in the Process of Sulfuric Acid Production PDF
Suwarmin Suwarmin, Bambang Sudarmanta, Nur Ikhwan 26-31


Table of Contents PDF
Suwarno Suwarno

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Departement of Mechanical Engineering, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember