The International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Sciences

The International journal of mechanical engineering and sciences (JMES) is an international, an open access, and a peer review journal for publication of original work on broad spectrum of mechanical engineering.  JMES publishes original research articles, reviews, and letters to the editor. Topics covered by JMES include energy conversion (wind, turbine, and power plant), mechanical structure and design (solid mechanics, machine design), manufacturing ( welding, industrial robotics, metal forming), advanced materials (composites, nanotube, metal foam, ceramics, polymer), metallurgy (corrosion, non-destructive testing, heat treatment, metal casting), heat transfer, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, mechatronics and controls, advanced energy storage and devices (fuel cell, electric vehicle, battery), numerical modelling (FEM, BEM). 


Vol 1, No 1 (2017)

Table of Contents


Effect of Asymmetric Geometry on the Flexibility of Stent PDF
Achmad Syaifudin, Ryo Takeda, Katsuhiko Sasaki 1-7
The Analysis of Exhaust Gas Characterization in Reducing CO and HC Gas Pollution on the EFI Engine of Daihatsu Luxio 1500 CC PDF
Ismanto Styabudi 8-14
Influence of Nozzle-to-Surface Distance Ratio and Reynolds Number Variation on Hemispherical Tempered Glass Strength and Quench Time PDF
Frans Loekito, Budi Utomo Kukuh Widodo, Djatmiko Ichsani 15-23
Complex Potential Methods for a Crack and Three-phase Circular Composite in Anti-plane Elasticity PDF
Alief Wikarta, Unggul Wasiwitono, Indra Sidharta 24-27
Thermal Analysis on Water-Simple Rankine Cycle and Combined Cycle for Waste Heat Recovery Flat Glass Factory PDF
Zefanya Hiro Wibowo, Budi Utomo Kukuh Widodo, Djatmiko Ichsani 28-35
Failure Analysis of Bend Tube Preheater on Heat Recovery Steam Generator PDF
R. Sony Endardo Putro, Arif Hariyadi, Suwarno Suwarno 37-41


Front Matter PDF
S. Suwarno

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Departement of Mechanical Engineering, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember