A Conceptual Model of Change Management for E-Government Project in Indonesia

Endang Sulistiyani, Tony Dwi Susanto


Implementation of e-government projects in developing countries is mostly failed. Current studies found that most of these failures were caused by failure in managing changes. Meanwhile, government as an object of e-government projects in a country, especially Indonesia will provide its own uniqueness, While the current model of change management was still general. Therefore, it was necessary to develop a specific change management model for e-government projects in Indonesia. Model was develop based on methodology, that are: identify the common components; analyze the characteristics of e-government projects in Indonesia; and formulate the change management methodology. The result of the research was a specific change management model for e-government projects in Indonesia that consists of seven main components, which were set the change goal, form a change management teams, doing gap analysis, establish a desire to change, design new environments, implementing the change, and sustain the change. Regulation and leadership are the main driver of e-government project initiative in Indonesia. The components were mapped to SDLC phases and states of change


change management; model; characteristic; e-government; project; Indonesia

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12962/j23546026.y2019i1.5104


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