Editorial Policies

Focus and Scope

IJCSAM welcomes papers on the topic of pure, applied and computational mathematics. The topics are as follows:

  • Applied Algebra
  • Max Plus/Max Min Algebra and applications
  • Approximation Theory and applications
  • Calculus of Variations
  • Coding Theory and applications
  • Combinatorics
  • Control Theory
  • Cryptology
  • Data Assimilation
  • Difference and Functional Equations
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Dynamical Systems
  • Fluid Mechanics and Solid Mechanics
  • Fourier Analysis
  • Functional Analysis and applications
  • Fuzzy Logic
  • Game Theory
  • Graph Theory
  • Image Processing, Signal Processing and Tomography
  • Information Theory and Systems
  • Linear and Multilinear Algebra; Matrix Theory
  • Mathematical Biology
  • Mathematical Economics and Financial Mathematics
  • Mathematical Education
  • Mathematical Physics
  • Measure Theory and Integration
  • Number Theory
  • Numerical Analysis
  • Operations Research, Optimization
  • Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations
  • Wavelets and Wavelet Transforms
  • Mobile Computings
  • Agent Computings & Multi-Agents Systems
  • Image/Signal Processings
  • Artifial Intelligences, Machine Learning & Pattern/Image Recognitions
  • Biometric authentication and algorithms
  • Combinatorics, Graph Theory, and Analysis of Algorithms
  • Cryptography and Foundation of Computer/Network Security
  • Data Base Management & Information Retrievals
  • Data/Text/Web/Spatial Mining & applications
  • Fingerprint /Hand/Biometrics Recognitions  and  Technologies
  • Foundations of High-performance Computings
  • Neural Networks and applications
  • Quantum Computing, Coding, and Error Control
  • Theory of Parallel Processings and Distributed Computings
  • Virtual Visions, 3-D Object Retrievals, & Virtual Simulations


Section Policies


Checked Open Submissions Checked Indexed Checked Peer Reviewed

Peer Review Process

Every article that goes to the editorial staff will be selected through Initial Review processes by Editorial Board. Then, the articles will be sent to the Mitra Bebestari/ peer reviewer and will go to the next selection by Blind Preview Process. After that, the articles will be returned to the authors to revise. These processes take a month for a maximum time. In the each manuscript, Mitra Bebestari/ peer reviewer will be rated from the substantial and technical aspects. Mitra Bebestari/ peer reviewer that collaboration with IJCSAM is the experts in the public mathematics and its application. They were experienced in the prestigious journal management and publication that was spread around the national and abroad.


Manuscript processing time in IJCSAM:

  1. The author has 10 days waiting period on the first article submission, the section editor will decide whether the article needs to be revised or not
  2. Section editor needs 3 days to examine the article based on IJCSAM author guideline
  3. Author has 7 days to revise the article consistent with the IJCSAM author guideline
  4. The revised article given to the editor to be reviewed, the editorial team needs 15 days to finish the review.
  5. If the article Declined, section editor has 3 days to inform the author regarding the editorial team decision
  6. If the article Revision Required, editorial team will proceed the article to the reviewer
  7. Reviewer has 30 days to review the article divided into two times review and provide the decision, Accepted or Declined
  8. The editorial team discusses the final decision in an editorial team meeting whether the articles recommended by the reviewers proceed to be Published or Declined. The editorial team has 20 days to make the final decision.
  9. The soon-to-be-published articles, lay-outed by the section editor for 30 days
  10. Author has 3 days to confirm the layout result.
  11. Section editor publishes the accepted articles.


Publication Frequency

IJCSAM, International Journal of Computing Science and Applied Mathematics, is an academic journal on the issued related to mathematics, statistics and computations. This journal is published in February and August. It is open to all scientists, researchers, education practitioners, and other scholars.


Open Access Policy

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.



This journal utilizes the LOCKSS system to create a distributed archiving system among participating libraries and permits those libraries to create permanent archives of the journal for purposes of preservation and restoration. More...


Article Submission Charges

This journal does not require any article submission fees


Article Processing Charges

The article processing charge is USD 100 that has been accepted in IJCSAM.


Screening for Plagiarism

To avoid plagiarism on articles published in this journal, the manager expects the authors to ensure that each article to be published is not:

  • The article has been / will be published elsewhere.
  • Article has been / will be filed for patent.
  • Research does not use illegal software.

In addition, each article will be checked in advance using the anti-plagiarism software provided by ITS, such as iThenticate.


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