Review: Political Analysis of Public Policy for Sustainable Infrastructure Development

Nora Eka Putri, Helmi Helmi, Melinda Noer, Yossyafra Yossyafra


Infrastructure development is carried out to create community welfare. However, infrastructure development hurt the socio-cultural conditions of the community. This research will explain the political analysis of public policies regarding the social risks and benefits of infrastructure development for the community. The research method was carried out with a systematic literature review by referring to reputable journal articles published through and other relevant reference sources. The research results explain that the risks of infrastructure development from social and political aspects include: people's aspirations are not accommodated by the government; creating forced displacement and poverty for communities; changes in the quality of social life. Then the scientific novelty that can be developed is to explain the risk analysis and potential benefits from the social aspect, through the concept of bottom-up decision making in infrastructure development policies.

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