Peri-urban Transformation in West Bandung Regency A Physical, Social, and Economic Analysis

Jalu Rafli Ismail, Nandi Nandi


Peri-urban zone shared a similar yet unique characteristic of its city-like environment. Situated right in a transition zone between rural and urban marked by urban pattern of population density, diverse activities, and intense spatial relations in a regional complementary dimension, West Bandung Regency is one of peri-urban zone surrounding Bandung City within Bandung Metropolitan Area. West Bandung Regency plays a significant role in driving socio-economic dynamics of the city. Likewise, Bandung City shaped transformations of its peri-urban areas, such as the transition of rural agrarian nature into settlement-dominated urban area. Therefore, this research is done to examine the transformation of West Bandung Regency peri-urban area, under the four peri-urban types; (1) Urban Fringe Zone, (2) Rural Urban Fringe Zone, (3) Urban Rural Fringe Zone, and (4) Rural Fringe Zone. This research implement spatial analysis technique using GIS tool of weighted overlay. Result of this study shows typological transformation of each sub-districts that has the peri-urban characteristic within 10 years (2009 and 2019). Out of seven sub-districts in West Bandung Regency; Batujajar, Padalarang, Ngamprah, Cisarua, Parongpong, Lembang, and Cihampelas, there has been transformation of previously seven urban rural fringe in 2010 to four urban fringe zone and three urban rural urban fringe zone in 2020. Analysis on peri-urban typology is carried under analysis on physical, social, and economic aspect of each sub-districts.

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