Prototype pre-Class Website Development as an Improvement of Java Language Learning in SMK

Astrid Wangsagirindra Pudjastawa, Varary Mechwafanitiara Cantika


This study aims to produce a website as enrichment for Javanese learning material in vocational schools. This study uses the Research and Development (R&D) research method. The results of this study consisted of three discussions, namely the needs of teachers and students for material enrichment, enrichment of website prototypes, and the results of pre-class website prototype validation tests as enrichment of Javanese learning in vocational schools. Questionnaires for teacher and student needs were used to construct a prototype "pre-class" enrichment site. The developed prototype of the enrichment website is categorized into four main sections, namely homepage, about me, enrichment, digital library, and contacts. The homepage contains an introduction, developer profile, and buttons for enrichment pages and digital libraries. The about me section contains a website developer biography. The enrichment section contains enrichment material for Javanese learning materials for Javanese speech levels. The digital library section contains digital e-books as supporting material for learning Javanese. The contact section contains a form that can be used to contact the developer. Based on the assessment conducted by website and book experts, this website can attract students' interest to learn Javanese independently

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