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Vol 14, No 1 (2021)

Table of Contents

Research Article

Supply Chain Risk Analysis on Vending Machine Products (Study Case in XYZ Company) PDF
Puti Sinansari, Nugroho Priyo Negoro, Muhammad Muadz Abdillah 52-60
Measurement and Evaluation of the Online Marketing Training Results for Students at SMA Negeri 1 Bantur Malang PDF
Arief Bustomi, Ali Yunus Rohedi, Muchamad Nurif 61-73
Using ADDIE Model to Appraise MOOC English for Non-Academic Staffs (ENAS) Designed for University Non-Academic Staffs Amid the COVID 19 Outbreak PDF
Kartika Nuswantara, Banu Prasetyo, Gita Widi Bhawika, Ni Wayan Suarmini 74-86
Improving Packaging Logistics System: A Study Case of Camembert Cheese PDF
Mushonnifun Faiz Sugihartanto, Syarifa Hanoum, Nalaputi Basoeki, Elif Tiryakioglu, Cynthia Ferrier 87-98
Dysfunction of Collaborative Governance in the Handling Policy of Covid-19 at Jambi Province PDF
Muhammad Ichsan Kabullah, Sudarmoko Sudarmoko, Hendri Koeswara, Fajri Rahman, Azwar Azwar 99-111
Intensitas Dan Sosialitas Keberagaman Di Lingungan/Unit Kerja PDF
Yusuf Siswantara, Thomas Lingga, Willfridus Demetrius Siga 112-122
Public Satisfaction With Public Services (Study At The Department Of Population nd Civil Registration Of Semarang City) PDF
Harsoyo Harsoyo, Suparno Suparno 123-137

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