Toward a Post-COVID 19: contributing to individual and social good life

COVID-19 does not need introduction. The world after COVID-19 is unlikely to return to the world that was. As said by Airlangga Hartarto, Coordinating Minister for the Economy, "Post COVID-19 is (the time) to transform digitization, infrastructure, transformation through work-creating legislation, OSS investment services, then digitizing MSMEs, fintech development and economic sustainability". Obviously, all intend to enable a transition to the new world that might come after the pandemic.

The aim of this Special Issue of JSH is to enrich the scientific debate by gathering and mapping all progresses produced during, and specifically in the face of post COVID-19, then, to understand the role of every discipline in providing individual and social welfare

Table of Contents

Call for Papers [Toward a Post-COVID 19: Contributing to the Individual and Social Good Life]

Religious Populism and Public Sphere in Indonesia PDF
Robertus Wijanarko 1-9
(De)politicization of COVID-19 Pandemic in the Implementation of 2020 Simultaneous Regional Elections PDF
Yuseptia Angretnowati, Palupi Anggraheni 10-24
Semarang City's Resilient Strategy Facing Covid-19 PDF
Adi Ekopriyono 25-34
The Impacts of Covid-19 Pandemy in Term of Technology Literacy Usage on Students Learning Experience PDF
Mezia Kemala Sari 35-43
Location Quotient Analysis in Facing Economic Competition during Covid-19 Pandemic PDF
Lienggar Rahadiantino, Juniarun Fathurrohman 44-51

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