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Center for Scientific Publication is a website that host all academic journals published by department, faculty, research center, or academic community within Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS). This website is meant as a media to communicate between researchers and publish recent result of advance researches.

Please contact us for order or further information at: email:  Editorial Office Address: Research Center Building 5th floor, ITS campus, Sukolilo, Surabaya 60111, Indonesia.

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JMES The International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Sciences


JMES The International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Sciences (e-ISSN: 2580-7471) is an international, open access, and a peer-review journal for publication of original work on a broad spectrum of mechanical engineering. JMES publishes original research articles, reviews, and letters to the editor. The journal aims to present important and recent research for academics, scientists, engineers, and practitioners. The topics covered include, but not limited to, energy conversion (wind, turbine, and power plant), mechanical structure and design (solid mechanics, machine design), manufacturing (welding, industrial robotics, metal forming), advanced materials (composites, nanotube, metal foam, ceramics, polymer), metallurgy (corrosion, non-destructive testing, heat treatment, metal casting), heat transfer, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, mechatronics and controls, advanced energy storage and devices (fuel cell, electric vehicle, battery), numerical modeling (CFD, FEM, BEM), and renewable nenergy.

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Journal of Architecture&ENVIRONMENT

Journal of Architecture & Environment or JoAE (E-ISSN: 2355-262X) is a biannual publication (April and October), published by the Center for Scientific Publication (Pusat Publikasi Ilmiah), Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember. It aims to communicate, disseminate and exchange information from studies in architecture and its interactions with the environment.

The journal explores the following areas:

  • Architectural theory, history, and design
  • Architectural science and technology
  • Housing and settlement
  • Landscape architecture and urban design

Journal of Architecture & Environment is proudly collaborating with the Indonesian Institute of Architects:


Indexing and Abstracting :


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Journal of Civil Engineering

Journal of Civil Engineering (eISSN 2579-9029/pISSN 2086-1206) is a new journal that preceded by the previous Civil Engineering Department ITS Journal which was well known as  Jurnal Teknologi dan Rekayasa Sipil (TORSI). TORSI journal was established in March 1981. In 2009, TORSI journal name was changed to Journal of Civil Engineering. Journal of Civil Engineering is managed by Pusat Publikasi Ilmiah LPPM Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember. Journal of Civil Engineering published at least five papers for each volume. Annually two volumes are published with the first volume is published within the period of January-June and the second volume is published within the period of July-December. The Peer-review process is online based using the OJS portal. Further correspondence can be by email to or

Journal of Civil Engineering is Indexed by:



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Journal of Fundamentals and Applications of Chemical Engineering (JFAChE)

Journal of Fundamentals and Applications of Chemical Engineering (JFAChE) (eISSN: 2964-710X) is managed by Department of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Industrial Technology and Systems Engineering, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS), Surabaya.

JFAChE is an international research journal which invites contributions of original and novel fundamental researches. The journal aims to capture new developments and initiatives in chemical engineering related and specialized areas. Papers which describe novel theory and its application to practice are welcome, as well as for those which illustrate the transfer of techniques from other disciplines.

Featuring research articles and reviews, the journal covers all aspects related to chemical engineering, including chemical reaction engineering, environmental chemical engineering, and materials synthesis and processing. Published annually in August and December. It is open to all scientists, researchers, education practitioners, and other scholars, providing an opportunity for technology transfer and collaboration. 

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Journal of Infrastructure & Facility Asset Management

Journal of Infrastructre & Facility Asset Management is aimed to develop Infrastructure & Facility Asset Management Sciences and Knowledge. This journal accepts paper contains the results of research or knowledge development in Infrastructure & Facility Asset Management from anywhere.

This journal is published regularly 2 times a year, every March and September. If needed, this journal can also be published in June and December as Supplement Issue. Supplements are not of mandatory publishing. Supplements are only issued if deemed necessary. 


Paper has to be written in good English. The paper is limited in 8-16 pages.
The Infrastructure Asset Management & Facilities Journal is published in online and printed versions:

(e) ISSN 2656-8896 (P) ISSN 2656-890X

Ter-Index : Google Scholar, CrossrefBase & Dimensions


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Jurnal Aplikasi Teknik Sipil

Jurnal Aplikasi Teknik Sipil (JATS) E-ISSN 2579-891X, memuat tulisan tentang aplikasi dibidang Teknik Sipil. Aplikasi ini boleh berasal dari semua cabang ilmu teknik sipil baik itu struktural, geoteknik, manajemen konstruksi, hidrologi, transportasi, dan informatika teknik sipil. Sehingga aplikasi ini tidak hanya mengenai urusan pembangunan sebuah proyek bangunan, tetapi juga memungkinkan untuk memodelisasi sebuah bentuk dengan bantuan software.


Jurnal ini terindeks oleh:


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Jurnal Desain Idea: Jurnal Desain Produk Industri Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember Surabaya


Jurnal Desain IDEA merupakan jurnal berbahasa Indonesia yang diterbitkan oleh LPPM-ITS bekerjasama dengan Departemen Desain Produk, Fakultas Desain Kreatif dan Manajemen Digital, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, Surabaya, Indonesia. Terbit dua kali setahun pada bulan Februari dan Oktober. 

Sejak tahun 2019 Jurnal Desain IDEA bekerjasama dengan ADPII (Aliansi Desainer Produk Industri Indonesia) melalui Jurnal Desain Indonesia (JDI).

Jurnal Desain IDEA menerima makalah hasil riset di semua bidang desain antara lain desain produk, desain komunikasi visual, interior arsitektur dan manajemen desain. Jurnal Desain IDEA juga menerima makalah tentang survey literatur dan karya inovasi yang menstimulasi riset bidang-bidang tersebut diatas.






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Jurnal Desain Interior

Jurnal Desain Interior (pISSN 2527-2853 eISSN 2549-2985) publishes scientific writings with the topic of interior design as well as other disciplines related to interior design and design in general, which may include but not limited to, product design, visual communication design, craft design, architecture, fashion design, creative business/ creative industry.

Call for Papers

Jurnal Desain Interior is open access journal, which means that visitors could read, download, cite, and distribute the published articles in this journal for free. Currently, we are accepting manuscripts to be considered for the future issues. The articles can be in the form of thesis, research papers, and reviews that are suitable with the Focus and Scope of the journal.

The details for the submission could be accessed in this section as well as the manuscript template.


Departemen Desain Interior, Fakultas Desain Kreatif dan Bisnis Digital (FDKBD)

Jln. Teknik Kimia, Gedung Desain Interior, Lantai 2 Ruang DI 202

Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS)

Sukolilo, Surabaya, Indonesia, 60111

Email : , , Phone: (031) 59182519, Fax: (031) 59182519

Penerbit: Pusat Publikasi Ilmiah (PPI) ITS




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Jurnal Fisika dan Aplikasinya

JFA (Jurnal Fisika dan Aplikasinya, Abbreviation: J.Fis. dan Apl.) only publishes original research articles and reviews articles on topics around physics (theoretical physics, materials, optics, instrumentation, geophysics, and medical physics) and their applications. Manuscripts sent to JFA have never been published elsewhere and are not in the process of being considered for publication elsewhere, in any language. Theoretical, experimental, and practical studies are equally encouraged, as are interdisciplinary articles and those arising from industrial research and collaboration.

JFA is published three times a year, in January, June, and October. Starting in the January 2021 edition, all articles are written in English. JFA editorial address, Department of Physics, FSAD-ITS, ITS Campus, Keputih Sukolilo Surabaya 60111, Tel./Fax.:(031)5943351, email:;

p-ISSN: 1858-036X; e-ISSN: 2460-4682
JFA has been accredited by the Kemenristek/BRIN with an accreditation rating of "SINTA 3".  Cover, Certificate.
Publisher: Lembaga Penelitian dan Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat, LPPM-ITS (;

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Jurnal Geosaintek

Jurnal GEOSAINTEK adalah jurnal yang diterbitkan oleh  Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) Surabaya bekerja sama dengan Himpunan Ahli Geofisika Indonesia (HAGI). Terbit pada bulan April, Agustus, dan Desember pada setiap tahunnya. Jurnal Geosaintek mempublikasikan dan menerbitkan hasil kajian, penelitian, penerapan ilmu pengetahuan serta teknologi di bidang kebumian. Terbuka bagi peneliti, praktisi, serta akademisi dari berbagai lembaga.  

Jurnal GEOSAINTEK terbit pertama kali dalam versi cetak mulai Vol. 1, No. 1, September 2015 dan Versi online sejak edisi Vol. 1, No. 2, Maret 2016. Jurnal GEOSAINTEK telah terkreditasi Kementerian Riset, Teknologi, Dan Pendidikan Tinggi Republik Indonesia Sinta 3 mulai Volume 4, Nomer 3, Tahun 2018 sampai Vol 9 Nomer 2 Tahun 2023 dengan SK NO. 14/E/KPT/2019.


Terindex : 

  1. SINTA
  2. Google Scholar
  3. Crossref
  4. Dimensions
  5. BASE
  6. Garuda


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Jurnal Hidroteknik

Jurnal Hidroteknik ini terbit pertama kali pada tahun 2015. Jurnal ini terbit dua kali dalam satu tahun yaitu pada bulan April dan Oktober. Tujuan utama penerbitan jurnal ini adalah menampung karya tulis mahasiswa dan dosen teknik sipil dengan konsentrasi hidroteknik dari seluruh perguruan tinggi di Indonesia, yang diterbitkan oleh Laboratorium Keairan dan Teknik Pantai ITS. 

Jurnal ini mencakup bidang ilmu perencanaan sistem irigasi, perencanaan sistem drainase, teknik sungai, teknik pantai, aplikasi/model hidrolika, aplikasi/model hidrologi, serta perencanaan bangunan air.

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Jurnal Manajemen Aset Infrastruktur & Fasilitas

Jurnal Manajemen Aset Infrastruktur & Fasilitas ditujukan untuk mengembangkan Ilmu Pengetahuan Manajemen Aset Infrastruktur & Fasilitas di Indonesia. Jurnal ini menerima tulisan yang berisikan hasil penelitian atau hasil pengalaman profesional dalam bidang Manajemen Aset Infrastruktur & Fasilitas dari mana saja.

Jurnal ini diterbitkan secara berkala 4 kali setahun, pada setiap bulan Januari, April, Juli dan Oktober. Bila sangat diperlukan, jurnal ini juga bisa diterbitkan sebagai Edisi Suplemen dan Edisi Khusus. Makalah bisa ditulis dalam Bahasa Indonesia atau Bahasa Inggris. Panjang makalah dibatasi 8-16 halaman.

Jurnal Manajemen Aset Infrastruktur & Fasilitas diterbitkan oleh Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) bersama dengan Kementerian Pekerjaan Umum dan Perumahan Rakyat (KemenPUPR), bekerja sama dengan FoMA-PT (Forum Manajemen Aset antar Perguruan Tinggi).


Jurnal Manajemen Aset Infrastruktur & Fasilitas terbit dalam versi online dan cetak :

(e) ISSN 2615-1847   (p) ISSN 2615-1839

JMAIF menjadi mitra : Program S2 MAI ITS, UNIID, FoMA-PT.

Ter-Index : Sinta 4, Google Scholar, Crossref, Garuda , Base & Dimensions


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Jurnal Nasional Aplikasi Mekatronika, Otomasi dan Robot Industri (AMORI)

Jurnal Nasional Aplikasi Mekatronika, Otomasi dan Robot Industri (AMORI) is managed by PUI - Mechatronics and Industrial Automation - Research Center, DRPM ITS. Journal of AMORI is managed together with the Association of Actors Providing Mechatronics and Robotics Industrial Technology (APTIMOR), Forum Pendidikan Tinggi Vokasi Indonesia (FPTVI) and the Association of Indonesian Vocational Lecturers (APDOVI)

This journal is a medium for researchers to publish high-quality research results in the fields of mechatronics, automation and industrial robotics. Papers published in this journal include the results of basic science research, innovative ideas and applications in the field, proposed by researchers, innovators or experts from all over Indonesia. Topics included in this field include: Automation, Control Systems, Robotics, Telecommunication, Electronics, Data Processing Systems, Mechatronics, Biomedicine, Programming Technology, Internet of Things, and their Applications in Small and Large Scale Industries.

e-ISSN : 2721-3560

p-ISSN : 2655-2337

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Jurnal Penataan Ruang

Jurnal Penataan Ruang merupakan jurnal yang dikelola oleh Departemen Perencanaan Wilayah dan Kota yang diterbitkan oleh Lembaga Penelitian dan Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat (LPPM), Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS), Surabaya, Indonesia.  Tujuan dari Jurnal Penataan Ruang adalah sebagai wadah diseminasi hasil-hasil penelitian pada bidang Perencanaan Wilayah dan Kota, baik di Indonesia maupun internasional.

Jurnal Penataan Ruang terbit dua kali dalam setahun, pada bulan Mei dan Nopember. Jurnal Penataan Ruang terbit pertama kali pada tahun 2006 (Vol. 1 No. 1). Pada tahun 2006 hingga tahun 2019 proses pendaftaran dan telaah jurnal masih dilakukan secara offline, namun jurnal dapat diakses secara online di website Jurnal Penataan Ruang. Jurnal Penataan Ruang mulai dimigrasikan ke sistem online pada tahun 2017. Penggunaan website Jurnal Penataan Ruang secara online yang meliputi seluruh proses pendaftaran, telaah, dan publikasi mulai dilakukan pada tahun 2020 (Vol. 15 No. 1).


Alamat Redaksi Jurnal Penataan Ruang, Departemen Perencanaan Wilayah dan Kota, Kampus ITS, Sukolilo Surabaya – 60111, Telp : +62-31-5922425, Fax : +62-31-5922425, Email :

E-ISSN: 2716-179X

P-ISSN: 1907-4872


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  2. Garuda
  3. Sinta
  4. Crossref

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Jurnal Sosial Humaniora (JSH) is published by LPPM-Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember with its main aim to spread critical and original analysis from researchers and academic practitioners on various contemporary social and humanities issues both local and foreign. The writing is published after undergoing a peer-review process by providing an exclusive analysis of social and humanities issues from various perspectives. JSH provides high-quality study outcomes and new thoughts for academic practitioners, researchers and decision-makers to break down the complexity and dynamics of contemporary social changes. Published two times a year: January - July and August - December, JSH provides itself as a medium for – also invites- researcher, academic practitioners, and intellectuals to submit their critical writings and to contribute to the development of social and humanities sciences.


Editorial Address Jurnal Sosial Humaniora (JSH), Departemen Studi Pembangunan [SP], Gedung S, Kampus ITS, Keputih Sukolilo Surabaya 60111, Telp./Fax.:(031) 5943686.

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Jurnal Teknobisnis

Jurnal Teknobisnis (ISSN 0216-5996) adalah jurnal yang memuat hasil penelitian atau pemikiran yang setara dengan hasil penelitian di Bidang Manajemen Teknologi, khususnya Manajemen Industri, Manajemen Teknologi Informasi, Manajemen Teknologi Lingkungan, Manajemen Teknologi Transportasi, Manajemen Proyek, dan Manajemen Bisnis Maritim. Tujuan penerbitan jurnal ini adalah untuk mempublikasikan hasil-hasil penelitian para akademisi, peneliti, praktisi, dan mahasiswa kepada publik dalam rangka menumbuh kembangkan konsep manajemen, teknologi, dan bisnis.


Jurnal Teknobisnis terbit secara berkala setahun dua kali, yaitu pada Bulan Juli dan Desember. Jurnal ini terbit pertama kali pada tahun 2005 dan sempat berhenti sejak tahun 2007. Pada tahun 2012, Jurnal Teknobisnis diterbitkan kembali. Pada tahun 2017, Jurnal Teknobisnis mulai diterbitkan secara online.

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Jurnal Transportasi: Sistem, Material, dan Infrastruktur

Jurnal Transportasi: Sistem, Material dan Infrastruktur, jurnal resmi untuk Transportasi dan Penelitian di bidang sistem, infrastruktur, menerbitkan makalah inter-disiplin yang asli mengenai interaksi transportasi, sistem, material dan infrastruktur. Domain meliputi: teknik, perencanaan, pemodelan, perilaku, ekonomi, geografi, sains regional, ilmu jaringan, dan sistem yang kompleks.



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