Performance Improvement of Business Process Similarity Calculation using Word Sense Disambiguation

Endang Wahyu Pamungkas, Riyanarto Sarno, Abdul Munif


Similarity calculation between Business Process Models (BPM) has an important role in the process of managing BPM repository. One of its uses is to facilitate the searching process of a model in the repository. Similarity calculation between business processes is closely related with semantic string similarity. Semantic string similarity is usually performed by utilizing a lexical database, such as WordNet, to find the semantic meaning of words. The problem in WordNet is that this lexical database contains terms wich have more than one meaning or polysemous. Selecting the wrong meaning will  decrease the accuracy of similarity calculation process. In this study, we will try to improve the accuracy of similarity calculation of business processes using Word Sense Disambiguation (WSD). The main purpose is to eliminate the ambiguity of polysemous words before calculating the similarity value. WSD is performed by unsupervised methods based on the value of graph connectivity. Then, we used a lexical database that is focused in the business and industry field. The results from this study is able to achieve higher accuracy of the sense selection process for terms especially terms that are related to business and industrial domains. It will also increase the accuracy of similarity value calculation between the business process models.


Word Sense Disambiguation, string semantic similarity, business process model similarity

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