Sifat Kemonotonan Barisan Trapezoid Sum dari Kelas Fungsi Nonkonveks dan Nonkonkaf

Yudasril Yudasril, Berlian Setiawaty, I Gusti Putu Purnaba


The objective of this research is to show the monotonicity properties of the trapezoid sum sequence in general of nonconvex or nonconcave real valued continuous functions on interval  corresponding to partitions of  obtained by dividing  into equal length subintervals. The decreasing monotony of the trapezoid sum generically does not happen in class of nonconcave functions. The same thing happens when restricted to the monotone nonconcave functions, namely in class of nonconcave increasing or nonconcave decreasing functions. Furthermore, in class of nonconvex functions, the trapezoid sum sequence generically does not increasing, as well as in class of increasing nonconvex or decreasing nonconvex functions.


monotone; nonconcave; nonconvex; trapezoid sum

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