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List of Articles by International Authors 

  1. Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) towards Model Personality in NLP task

  2. Strain Sensing Comparison Between Single and Multimode Fibers using Optical Low Coherence Interferometry

  3. Agent-Based Simulation Disaster Evacuation Awareness on Night Situation in Aceh

List of Articles by non-ITS Authors

  1. Implementation of Genetic Algorithm for Parameter Tuning of PID Controller in Three Phase Induction Motor Speed Control

  2. Opinion Extraction of Public Figure Based on Sentiment Analysis in Twitter

  3. Sensor Coordination for Behavior of Search Robot Using Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM)

  4. Strain Sensing Comparison Between Single and Multimode Fibers using Optical Low Coherence Interferometry

  5. Comparative Analysis of Feature Selection Method to Predict Customer Loyalty

  6. Analysis of Head Losses Consequent Section Diameter, Pipe Material and Flow Debit Using Contrast Test (Scheffe’s Method) at 900 Elbow Joint

  7. Influence of the Compression Ratio and Duration Injection on Performance and Emission of Sinjai Engine Type Flexible Fuel Engine 150 cc Fueled Bioethanol E70

  8. Influence of The Compression Ratio and Ignition Timing On CB150R Engine Performance with 85% Bioethanol Gasoline Blended Fuel

  9. The Effect of Feedwater Heaters Operation Schemes to a 200 MW Steam Power Plant Heat Rate Using Cycle-Tempo Software

  10. The Effect of Fan Blade Radiator Gas Turbin Generator Angle on Auxiliary Cooling Water System Performance

  11. Effects of Pilot Injection Timing on the Engine Performance of a Diesel Dual Fuel Engine

  12. Discrepancy of Home-Based School Regulation in West Jakarta Study Case of Student High School of 78 and 16

  13. Relocation of Earthquake Hypocenter in The Flores Region Using Hypo71

  14. Study Literature of Extraction Lipid Method from Microalgae Nannochloropsis sp

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